Aeroflot 787-9 custom livery

This livery has been made by the Russian community.[poll]

  • I like it!
  • so bad livery.

We very much would like to see it in a game as usual livery


I like it!

Love it! How did they do it?

A beauty. It looks really nice

Man, looks nice! Random question, shouldn’t Aeroflot have all those weird symbols? Not plain text.

Aeroflot is a member of Skyteam Alliance.

Traditional symbols of Aeroflot are hammer and sickle with wings and russian flag (after rebranding)

Isn’t the Hammer the symbol of the Soviet Union?

Aeroflot has been formed in 1923. Since 1923 it was state-owned airline of the Soviet Union (and Russia now)

How did u make it??!!

Hello, please wait until you become a member to post in #features. Also, next time one picture per request.

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I don’t think this is a features request.

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Here you go.

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Ah ok, thanks.