Aeroflot 77W livery improvement

Hello comrades. In general, I recently decided to play this game again, rate the new updates (777, 757). Sure, these updates are very cool, 777 is very impressive.

There is a problem. I’m from Russia and of course, I prefer liveries of Russian airlines (Aeroflot, S7, Yakutia)

The game has a very good Aeroflot livery for A350 (it is certainly old, but many people love this classic silver livery more than the new one, please do not delete this livery in new updates)

But the quality of the updated Aeroflot 77W livery leaves much to be desired. Just look at these pictures.

Previous version

Updated version

In real life

I really don’t want to offend anyone, but the fact is that the previous version of the livery is much better than the updated one. Can you improve it?


Could you elaborate on exactly what “quality” is missing or gone in the update? I think I’m not understanding what you mean by this.

Just by comparing the IRL vs IF pictures, the change in lighting seems to play a huge role in whether the aircraft looks a more polished silver versus a dull silver (I’m assuming this is what you mean by lower “quality”).

To be honest, I don’t see much difference, but would love to hear your take on this! 😀

PS: as a gesture towards realism, I personally believe it would be best if the devs change the A350 livery to the actual one used in real life, but just my two cents 🙂


The white color is not actual white, it’s more silver in real life, also blue is darker in real life. The orange lines on the fuselage and on the engines are thicker. The quality of the tricolor on the tail is also not very good. AEROFLOT and AEROFLOT lettering appear vertically stretched in updated version.

And I think the name of plane (А. СКРЯБИН) on the right side must be in English

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Ok, I have voted

Definitely noticed something was off with the Aeroflot livery after the update. Same goes for the Alitalia 777


It definitely needs attention.


Why not just make a request for the new livery?

Because there shouldn’t need to be? This livery was updated with the 20.2 release, and the community have spotted some errors. It is perfectly fine for them to request an improvement without the need of the whole feature request process. I’m sure if it was a jetBlue/Southwest livery which had an error, the community would do the exact same.

Also, I’m not sure why you have bumped this after 24 days just to suggest making it a feature request, but we move anyway


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