Aeroflot 777-200ER


Aeroflot (Russian airlines) operated 2 Boeing 777-200ER between 1998-2005 .
The 777-200ER is the only plane in aeroflot that used this livery ,and I wish they’ll add it in the next update.

Very nice livery! Wish to have this livery and fly with my comrades! 🇷🇺


I like the tail colours, very snazzy ;)

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Hate to be that guy but only one pic per request please :)

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I absolutely love the tail design! I definitely voted, and I can’t wait to fly for The Motherland.

Nice livery! Just remember each #features post can only have 1 image 😉

I’m really not seeing any difference between the two pictures you’ve added anyways. All I’m seeing in the reg is different. They won’t add the same livery just with a different reg. And like some have said, keep each request to one image. :)

Never knew this existed!

Because there were only 2 777-200er in Aeroflot fleet and the retired them in 2005

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Sad :(

@Gm2kmike20, this one is for you.

Nice livery too.

Yay tag! This is one cool livery and one Mabye for the 777-200 rework definitely voted @Levet sorry for the tag but if you like Aeroflot you should vote for this!

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😍 Voted 🗳 🙌


That’s actually a really cool livery. I wish I had a vote to drop on this.


Your welcome!

Could we get the to 10 votes?
Just got that vote button!

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Вау!! Вот кто есть прикрасно ливрея!

I might consider voting for this…

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This has to be one of the most unique liverys out there! How do you not want to vote for this

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Bump seemed to work with Ukraine International’s B772, now it’s time for this retro-beauty

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It’s a very beautiful livery, I wasn’t aware about its existence,
It would be nice to have it, knowing that the update is coming soon

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