Aeroflot 767-300

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I recently found out that Aeroflot used to operate the 767 and I think the livery would be a great addition to IF. Aeroflot operated only the -300 variant, which served several destinations such as New Delhi. What do you guys think?

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Man such beautiful Russian colors on that old bird! Would be great to see this. Unfortunately already have votes for reworks and my own requests. :) Good luck and would die for this in a rework!

We have a complete lack of liveries for Aeroflot in IF, that being current or historical. Meanwhile, any aircraft in IF that BA operates IRL has the BA livery on it. I know they can’t cater to everyone, but it’s a bit obvious that they catered to one group very much. I’m sorry if I sound nitpicky.


I don’t follow, please explain…


You’re right though- there is a lack of planes from eastern countries like for example: Tupolev, Ilyushin, Yakolev, Sukhoi, Irkut, Mitsubishi, Honda, etc.
There are also many more “western” liveries, and they miss a lot of Asian, African, and South American carriers


Well doesn’t it depend on what the majority of community members want?


Ok, let’s not get off topic


Right! @Joseph_Krol, if you want, we can continue this in a PM?


I quite like the livery, although I’m out of votes and I’m not sure how much I’d use it, so unfortunately I won’t be able to vote for this.

Looks pretty cool, always loved the 767, and the Aeroflot livery so looks good to me…

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There are many liveries that would be great if IF could add.
I don’t think adding liveries of popular airlines is a good choice. I love that livery to be added, but there are many airlines that don’t even have 1 livery in IF. I would vote to add those airlines first and then add this livery.

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I completely agree with @capmatt, although a very wonderful livery there are a lot of other airline liveries that are not there but disregarding all that is a a very wonderful livery on this plane

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Also a very nice picture