Aeroflot 737

Hi, the Aeroflot fleet does not have a 737-900 they have a 737-800 I was wondering why it is a 737-900

They must’ve had them on order when the livery was added. Ex: the Delta B787-8s in IF
I’m not an expert on Aeroflot so that’s my best guess.

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I can’t find any records of a cancelled order of the 737-900 for Aeroflot, maybe it was just a simple mistake. Or maybe the Russians are very secretive about things they decided to cancel 😜

Apparently Aeroflot was supposed to take delivery of some 737-900s in September 2013, so I’m guessing that’s where the inspiration came from.

There’s several aircraft in Infinite Flight that never existed in real life because airlines cancelled orders such as Delta’s 787-8 mentioned above, Transaero’s A380, and more.


They didnt get the 900 thou becuse they only have 800 now

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