Aeroflot 107 | LAX-SVO | B777W

Beautiful day in LAX and our 777W Aeroflot today gonna fly to Moscow.

This is B777-300ER A.Scryabin gonna fly to Moscow Sheremetyevo

Some LAX planes… two Delta A330 and one 787 American

Lufthansa A330 loading PAX to Frankfurt!

This Qantas A330 gonna departure with our AFL 777W from runway 24L.

Meanwhile changed position so we can do best pics of our guest. Here is A330 Air Canada gonna fly to Toronto Intl. and Virgin A330 standing at the gate.

Qantas A330 took off from LAX… let’s say goodbye to him.

And our B777W AFL is ready for takeoff!

Here it is… just took off from LAX bye-bye 777W!

That’s it for today… cya soon.


A330 you mean lol

Oh sorry my mistake.

Its fine it does look similar but the winglets and the doors gave it up