Aerofloat Virtual Existing Or Not

Hi All,

I am someone who has spent sometime looking at Virtual Airlines, however I have really wanted to join Aeroflot Virtual Airlines, however I can not seem to find some Virtual Airline that is active, I submit a application and they never get back to me. Could someone please provide a link to their page?

Thank you very much!
Dear Mods, sorry if General is a bad place for this. If it is, could you recommend where to put this topic into. Thanks!

It has been banned by the IFVARB ;)


Sorry, about this!

Can I create a VA for myself. Or is Aeroflot banned because of the Recent Events?

I’m so sorry… I’m thinking of the wrong airline. Aeroflot is not banned I would reach out to their staff team if you have any questions. If I’m being totally honest, I don’t even think Aeroflot is a VA in infinite flight. I’ve never seen them on the forum nor in the database.

Yes as long as it is not already created. If you would like to submit an application, you can find the IFVARB topic here…

Hey there,

Aeroflot Virtual does not exist in IF at the moment. The previous VA got shut down due to inactivity and the recent issues. Just to let you know that Aeroflot is not banned by the IFVARB. So, this means that anyone is free to apply and reserve a new Aeroflot Virtual.

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What recent issues? The conflict in Ukraine?

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Yes exactly

Why this VA is banned ?

Yeah after that, we say : Do not melange politics and football, politics and aviation…

It was a false statement. Aeroflot Virtual is not a banned VA, hence the strikethrough mark.

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Oh ok, I don’t know it.

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