Aerodromes that don't have ILS

Now that the aircraft only appears the Glider Slope with the ILS Aerodromes. What to do now after this update to land on regional airfields where there is no ILS? Regarding altitude and descent ratio, not to get either so low or so high?


I personally ‘Wing it’


To answer your question, yes, there is no ILS for smaller regional airports, as in real life.

A possible resolution to create a localizer at least (but no glideslope) is to tune into a certain fix or VOR (if there is one) that is close to the end of the runway. You can use your NAV system to fly towards that certain fix/VOR.

But, there is no glideslope, other than the visual one that most runways have.

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Use your approach plate is you can. If not, 3 degree glide is usually the way to go (VS=Half you Ground Speed [plus a zero] and distance to threshold=altitude*3 [take away the 3 zeros) (just add the zeros)

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You could search for approach plates for the airport you want to land at in the internet. They have attitudes assigned to checkpoint (fixes or distance) that help you to be at the right attitude. The most important one is the IAF Initial Aproach Fix. If you are at the correct attitude at this one a descend rate of 800fpm will do the trick in most cases.
In addition you could use the PAPI if the runway is equipped with, even when it is in IF at the moment only a 2 light version it should help.
And then there are two additional things to do: look for visual approach tutorials ether IF or real world, and practise practise practise…
It is fun when you get used to it, and much more satisfying then just following the ILS.


follow to Runaway no problem. The problem is just the ramp where you can not know the right descent reason and ends up on the Runaway or above or below.

It is for sure. I was not reminded of PAPI. Thanks for remembering, I already use the Approach Cards, but with ILS it makes Glide Slope available and I kept controlling the descent ratio. But thank you so much for reminding me of these “PAPI” Lights.

Ok, I think you are talking about the glideslope again (which gives you the proper descent rate).
This has to be done visually.

Check this out for reading PAPI/VASI lights:


I was wondering the same actually.
Do all airports have PAPI in IF?

Also a tip for rough judgement: If you add the runway end way point, then your altitude should be just over distance * (100 * glideslope) (so 300 with 3deg, 350 with 3.5deg, etc).

Nope. Auto-generated airports have it, but some airports that have been edited do not (it reflects real life, so airports without PAPI/VASI won’t have them).

how are you meant to maintain this if your Ground speed is constantly changing?

you constantly change your VS. Also the descent profile table will help

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what descent profile table? in the chart?

This is from a gps approach plate into singapore:

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So you would cross emtap at 1400’ and descend on a 3 degree slope (as shown the table-if your ground speed was 140, your vertical speed would be 743)

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