Aerobridges not appearing

Hey sometimes when i spawn in a 3D airport, some or all of the aerobridges do not appear.

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A device restart should help.

Yep i did that the first time it happened when i landed at St Martin yesterday, but then when i took this photo just now, it was the second time that this issue occurred.

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Did you try changing the 3D Object Density graphics?

here’s the same problem, they said for an App restart or refresh.

Mine is already set at high, its always been set that way.

It this is a known issue, then perhaps when 21.4 comes around, the bug might be fixed.

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Hm yeh I guess a restart would work
My solution only applies if all 3D buildings dont appear

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This happens from time to time. What does work is something as simple as an app restart. If it doesn’t then a device restart should be sufficient.

Hope this helps!

Yea it happened to me ( as you see at the link above by Ty_davis ) all you have to do is refresh the app and it will be back.

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Ah ok cool. I wonder what causes this issue to begin with?

It’s an internal issue with the app, I’ve noticed it can commonly happen if you don’t restart your app after a long-ish flight, and especially happens when entering replays without restarting the app. Nothing to do with your connection luckily, although cannot be fixed by yourself from what I believe.

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