Aeroboero AB115

Aeroboero AB115


Aero Boero was an Argentine aeronautical company that produced a line of monomotor aircraft used in the training of pilots in Brazil, among other utilities.

Specifications Aero Boero AB-115.

Crew: 1 people;

Passengers: 2 person;

Length Aircraft: 7.27 m (depending on the version).

Wingspan: 10.72 m;

Plan Height: 2.1 m (version availability).

Aircraft weight empty: kg 530. (version shelf);

kg 240: payload. (Version shelf);

maximum takeoff weight: 770 kg (version shelf);

Cruising speed: 145 km / h. (Version shelf);

maximum flight speed: 220 km / h. (Version shelf);

maximum family distance: km 648;.

maximum holiday height: 2440 m.

Aircraft engine type: one piston;

Powerplant: Textron Lycoming O-235-C2A (version availability);

Power: 115 hp (version shelf).


The Argentinean aircraft have operated in Brazil since the end of the 1980s. All aircraft belong to the Federal Government, representing 66% of the Union’s fleet of aircraft assigned to operate the country’s flight schools.

We got on the flight endlessly,
few GA, It would be interesting to have an airplane like this with “crazy beetle” as we call it here in Brazil. Besides the Super Decathlon that also needs a good reworking.

We Brazilians are very fond of this airplane, for many pilots, both career and simple hobby, this was their first love. Some have prejudice and others truly love it.

I hope you can appreciate and evaluate the proposal to put our Aeroboero with affection.

The nose of the aircraft kind of reminds me of the Super Declathon. I think this would be great to add for GA!

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