Aerobics violation or bug?

Just got an “Aerobics violation”. I was beginning to taxi and suddenly the 738 flipped over (taxi speed 13 knots). And then, the surprise message: Aerobics violation. What is this? First time I got that one.

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Hey there!

If you received any violations, send your replay and a short description of what happened to @appeals. This is most likely a bug that isn’t your fault, and might be able to get removed.

An Aerobic Violation is to avoid some unrealistic maneuvering or extensive flying around an airport (this applies to the Training and Expert Server). If you get the warning in flight, levelling off your aircraft to a stable flight will stop the warning.

The airport vicinity to avoid I believe is 5nm and 5,000ft MSL

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Please feel free to message @appeals and we will be happy to look into this for you. Thanks mate!