Hey all just wondering what the best aircraft stunts you guys have done on IF. And also maybe what’s the best plane stunts you have seen another person on IF do or even in real life.

My best?
Well on IF yesterday I spent 20minutes doing loop the loops and barrel rolls in a a380 and also flew a 30min journey upside down. I got some great video footage but it failed to save unfortunately )-:

In terms of real life well at RAF Waddington Airshow a few years back I saw a New Zealand Air Force Passenger Plane (forgotten what model) do a vertical takeoff and a loop the loop etc quite hard work and interesting to watch.

Avoid saying “I did a loo the loop in a fighter jet” as we all can do that try to think of what creative stuff you have done or another person has!


PS: the best will be posted in this message and I may ask some of you to help me with a film I am currently making via DM.


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I think we have found ourselves a new Nickchan.


Yeah… you shouldn’t be doing upside-down flights with an a380 nor loop the loops regardless of server really.



but I pulled it off easy

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What’s the problem with that, I do it all the time.
Especially on the expert server.


its a break from flying A to B

The mountain ranges near KNXP are great for flying inverted at low level

Am sure these are all done on the casual server away from people trying to learn on the TS…?

PS is your real first name “Nick” and surname “Chan”?


LOL Yep I keep it to the casual although I still enjoy the occasional supersonic intercept on the training server if I see a grade 1 lol

only joking I normally go for grade 5 see what they do


The thing about Infinite Flight is that the aerobatics are never realistic. You can pull 31 gees and the plane is still fine.


Lol yep but at least it gives you the opportunity

I wasnt trying to be realistic when i flew an a380 inverted lol

Expert server is the place!!!

No chance of violations lol

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Getting a bit off topic. Whats te best you guys have seen or pulled off.

My a380 stunt may be the most extreme i dont know?

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@callum5124. MaxSez… Stunt Flying is an art when completed in an aircraft designed for such frivolity in a safe environment. . Stunting (Flat Hatting) in an IF airliners no matter which server is the result an an idel mind or immature gamer attitude. Relating such activities on the Forum lays one open to criticism and riddicule. Suggest you close your Topic or expect to be identified as the new villainous Nick Chan the ultimate IF Pecks Bad Boy.


Please. Whatever y’all wish to do, Please, PLEASE do it on Casual Server or Solo. Thank you. No place for such players on Expert.


For sure the coolest thing I have done was at an airshow a while back, I rocked a Q400 and did a ton of stupid things.


I concur no flying of that type anywhere on the training nor the expert server. So bind it to casual or solo.


Stay on topic @Cpt.TC, it’s not your job to call others out, leave that to the moderators and regulars. His point of this topic was to start a small discussion, to see what sort maneuvers people can do in the game.

As for me, I flew a 3 hour route, the entire time upside down (in an SR22) as practice for Aerosync. We used to be able to do the Harrier too, but that was removed in the latest update :(. There are many other things you can do, especially as a team).

If you’re interested in this kind of playing, I recommend you try out for Aerosync!

Safe flying,


I understand. I wasn’t trying to demote him, only stop him from making the same mistake I did by spamming topics. They all got closed.

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I took a caravan for a dip in the hudson bay inverted on solo… was never able to pull off a sully.


Well if it ain’t closed now, it ain’t gonna be closed in a while… Refrain from making such remarks as well. G’dy Ryan