Aerobatics Warning Perimeter Corrections Required

MaxSez: I continually receive Aerobatic Warning/Violations when practicing ACM in Class E airspace well outside controlled Aerodrome Restrictions. It appears the perimeters for these warning, particularly around Class E airports are over restrictive, ill defined or plotted using a cookie cutter method. Accordingly, it is recommended the Nav/Rway Group survey the currant Aerobatic Warning Area perimeters for accuracy & consistency where they infringe on Class E Airspace.
( Example; Flying practice ACM intercepts this morn in a Spit in the London Region, over the Channel Salient, 12 miles East of EGHF over water, I received continuous Aerobatic Warning while engaged in ACM in this uncontrolled Class E airspace. This infringement anomaly which is distracting & annoying can be found in all Regions)


Also in Free Flight?

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Not really a bug, but more a lack of time to code. It’ll get better.
Edit** I too have seen and experienced this. It’s annoying and a well known quirk. I’m sure when the guys have the time, they will find a way to improve this.
I’d like to see specific areas with specific zones that allow for acrobatic maneuvers any time, day or night etc. The tools are in place to some extent already, just look at today’s FNF for a taste of how it might work. Time will be the determining factor. :)


Unexplainable warning! Is it something like this Max…well for me I was taxing and twice have gotten two violations at a time making me to wait for my grade 4 for 3days.

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