Aerobatics violation?

Infinite flight is crazy with a capital z. I got a level 1 violation for aerobatic procedures however I was in a 320

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Aerobatic violations apply to all aircraft.


Ok I just found it weird

I mean, you don’t want people doing this (unless it’s the Casual Server, of course) just because they’re using airliners (in fact, that’d be the worst scenario):


Not to be that guy, but how were you flying the A320 if you managed to get an aerobatics violation feels more like the question? :)


It happen because I got into a stall and the autopilot turned of I tried to regain control However was to late and got the level 1 violation


What caused the stall? Pilot error?

Approach into paro

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So you failed the approach, stalled, and got a violation? That’s your fault.

Yes it was intense

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