Aerobatics Violation

I ran out of fuel and had to land with a small plane at a very small airport that was surrounded by terrain when I try to take off with a aircraft that had more fuel than what I started out with I would spin out of control and crash this last attempt they ghosted me for aerobatics on the training server I do not agree with this violation and request for it to be overturned I believe this was a glitch due to how small the airport was the airport was maybe big enough for a Cessna but I needed something bigger to get to where I was going and no matter how hard I tried no matter how small of a aircraft I tried that I knew would make the flight I couldn’t get control of the aircraft due to the small airport with one landing stripI have never in the history of Infinite Flight got in an aerobatic violation. you can even go and look at all the violations I’ve had in the past you will see I’m telling the truth

Hope everything turns out alright!


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Sorry for taging so many of you I’m not sure who all can actually help

It’s just a single aerobatics violation, it’s not actually a report in the sense of an ATC report, and it doesn’t count against you with regard to accessing the Expert Server^. At most it’s a session ghost, which just kicks you from the session, but there aren’t any lasting implications other than a single violation, even if it says “ghosted” (I don’t know the message exactly, never phase one).

^Except as a 1 in a row or two for violations last X days

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So even though it puts it on record as a violation it will not stop me from getting into the expert server when other true violations expire

It’s just a single violation like any other, no better no worse. It will show up in your grade table for the lookback period, but that’s it.

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Do you know why this weird glitch actually happened I shared my replay so maybe that will shed some light

Yeah, you’re climbing way too steeply.

When you finally went full vertical and started to loop backward, the g-forces probably met the threshold.

Try climbing more in the 2k-3k FPM range (everyone will give you a different number, but anywhere in there is safe.) You wouldn’t want to be on a commercial flight climbing vertically (unless you’re on the ZeroG plane.

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On the what plane sir?

This one:

It’s how they filmed Apollo 13, among others. It simulates close to zero Gs.


That would be sweet if it’s something like that was here but I think the closest thing to that would be like the F-22

Yeah, but probably best not to try it in the E-Jets :)

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This was the weirdest thing because in the 208 Cessna caravan I was low on fuel and never let me request emergency fuel going from LAX to San Francisco which would have been more than enough time to request an emergency I started out thinking that I would make it and and ran out short and then all this happened so it really upsetted me you got me calmed down pretty much fully but still kind of upset @Tim_B

In fact I don’t run out too often but the times that I have recently I haven’t been able to request an emergency fuel request at all and every time I’ve met the quota


Someone actually took the time to create this but by this scenario I met the quota and yet I was not able to declare.

About emergency fuel

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They haven’t released the algorithm for when you can or can’t, so not quite sure. There may be other factors, but I’m not familiar enough with them. I thought it only worked on Expert, but now I’m not sure that’s true. Someone probably knows more than I do about it. I’ve only had emergency fuel in a fighter and I didn’t bother declaring, just diverted.

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It works on all servers, ATC and Unicom.

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You may not know much about emergency fuel but you are brilliant on other matters I’m surprised you’re not a moderator

Thanks. I figured I was wrong since I assume that was your replay.

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How long was the flight time? @Michael_Sides1

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