Aerobatics violation for stalling

I just got a Aerobatics violation for stalling and my plane flipped is there any way I can get this removed?

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Please contact @appeals if you feel that the system made a mistake for the violation. You will need to have your replay ready to send


As a pilot you are responsible for your speed - it is unlikely this will get removed.

I have a question first though. Could the stall have been prevented? And if so, how?


I would recommend staying on the runway for a bit longer. That way you don’t stall when you rotate. 😉

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Well maybe because I did my take off at a normal speed then started to turn to the left a bit then the plane started stalling tried everything not to crash then the plane hit the floor then this happened

Well I did stayed till the end of the runway

What speed did you rotate at and at what rate were you climbing.

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Well around 70-80 for takeoff and the same for climb

Speed sounds fine but what VS were you climbing at.

Alright. Unfortunately we’re unable to remove violations that aren’t system generated issues or bugs. To prevent a stall from occurring, you could:

  • Calibrate device prior to takeoff
  • Adjust aircraft weight and balance to be within an acceptable range
  • Takeoff at a speed within the green speed tape. Your other alternative would be taking off in the red tape and this would indicate you are too slow.
  • Takeoff into the wind with a suitable runway distance
  • Use Flaps 10 for takeoff

Alright you may close this topic

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to PM myself or someone else that may be able to offer assistance with the 172 or any other aircraft. We’re all willing and able to assist as needed. Have a good day! 🙂