Aerobatics Near Active Airport Parameters

Hey IFC. I just wanted to know how to get the aerobatics violation. I fly the USGAF F22 a lot and have gotten violations for doing vertical takeoffs and pulling a couple of Gs etc. All what would happen in real life. Sometimes I don’t get any violations. I just want to know what parameters I have to meet to receive an auto ghost for aerobatics. I don’t want to keep having to get the violation appealed because the system thought I was doing aerobatics. Thank You.

First of all it’s best to do such things on the Casual Sever or on solo as you wouldn’t receive any violations there (as far as I am aware). Secondly I am not sure whether there are certain parameters, but some other users will certainly be able to help!

Excessive Speed, g force (main parameter), bank, and pitch are the parameters to detect aerobatic maneuvers in an airspace environment. Be sure if you want to mess around to utilize the casual server.

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It’s best you do it on Casual or solo, but if you happeb to do it on training or, god forbid, expert:
To not get system violation: at least 5 nm from closest airport and at least 5000 ft MSL (UG)
To not get IFATC violation: no source for that, but as long as you’re doing it outside of controlled airspaces you should be fine.

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Is it MSL or AGL? Because if you’re flying near ground level in the mountains but airports like Lukla are nearby (but further than 5nm) would you still get the violation?

Is there an exact speed, g force etc that is listed somewhere. I really want to follow this rule but I haven’t seen what to look out for.

Just an excessive amount of one or more of the items. The specifics aren’t disclosed to avoid people doing aerobatics that just barely avoid the parameters and abuse the system.

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Gotcha. I guess this is why we can’t have nice things. Thank You!

It’s MSL altitude:

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Speed doesn’t cause aerobatic violations…

Speed + g force does. It’s easier at a high speed while making a turn to obtain a lot of g force that will result in aerobatic maneuvers. It’s a contributing item to easily receive a vio.

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Yes but isn’t an actual factor it’s just the g force which is brought on easier by turning.
Just don’t turn and you won’t receive an aerobatics no matter the speed.
So in corrective defenition, speed isn’t a parameter, just g-force and bank angle and pitch are the parameters. Of the specifics of those aren’t disclosed as you said.

I am aware it is not an actual parameter. The reason I brought it up was because it is more easy to receive a vio while at a high speed. The goal of having that in there was to help reduce the chance of someone getting a vio so people wouldn’t be going that fast. That’s also my fault for not elaborating on that to make it say it isn’t an actual parameter but something that can hugely contribute to receiving a violation.

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@Alexander_Nikitin I’m pretty sure it’s AGL

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