Aerobatics Maneuvering Question

What is the minimum altitude for aerobatics maneuvers on the Expert and Training servers without a risk for violation?

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If you’re in an airspace, then you can get a violation. If you’re not in an active airspace, then you’re good (but I still encourage acrobatics to be done on CS).

So 60,000 feet MSL is the minimum altitude. Thanks!

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Glad to help! Now I better not see you doing barrel rolls in an active airspace on ES. 😛

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You get a violation for aerobatics anywhere near an airport (within 5nm i think), or below 10000ft.

I don’t think ATC can actually give you aerobatics violation for barrel rolls because they can’t see you. Just don’t do it lol.

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I mean, if you aren’t in an airport airspace, like the 5nm and 10,000ft. Then, technically, if you can maintain heading, airspeed(to some degree) and altitude, then, they probably won’t even know. But yeah, way too risky :)

I’m pretty sure ATC are told not to give level 2 for things covered by level 1.
(But then by that logic, fighter overspeed should be level 1…)


Fighter overspeed isn’t punishable by level 1 because they’re not 250/350 or flight envelope restricted.

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Well when ever and I mean all the time, when I take off in a fighter on ES I do a barrel roll for good measure

Have fun trying to manoeuvre at that altitude.

You can manoeuvre at any altitude as long as you’re away from airports. If Centre is open say you’re flying VFR and then you can do whatever you want (within reason). Remember it’s then your responsibility to see and avoid other aircraft, so don’t do this when it’s busy.

If in doubt, play it safe.

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To not get system violation: at least 5 nm from closest airport and at least 5000 ft MSL (UG)
To not get IFATC violation: no source for that, but as long as you’re doing it outside of controlled airspaces you should be fine.

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