Aerobatic maneuvers within airport space?

Guess I was lucky, never had the warning convert to a violation. Well, except for one of my 17 violations that was due to an inverted pass over LAX when I was new to Expert! 😂


Looool, that’s funny!! Yep, that’ll do it. I’m in the OK renege, I gues. Now sitting at 52 violations.

A 90 deg bank angle is considered a acrobatic maneuver. It’s only taught in acrobatics training. Hence the violation due to it. Not to mention the 4+X G’s you pull in that turn.

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As for the violation it’s self 10,000 feet or below or within the vicinity of an airport. Pretty cut and dry IMO. As for the non exadurated warning you should have known in the first place. Lesson learned time to move on.

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