Aerobatic maneuvers within airport space?

I’m a bit confused about this subject. So I’m just looking for clarification, please. Yesterday I was on IF flying an F-22. I was approached by another user in a fighter. I was above 10K feet and well away from any “controllable” airports airspace. I made a hard 180° turn at 90°. I received an aerobatic maneuvers warning. Within 15 secs or less (it felt like) I received a violation and ghosting warnimg. Because it all happened so fast I knew there was no way to safely pull out of the maneuver. So I very quickly ended my flight. Logged back on and still had my grade (G5). After about 30 mins I noticed that I had been downgraded to G3. I’m just confused about how and what I did wrong being that I was at a safe altitude and was not in an airports airspace.


You were probably in the vicinity of an airport.


Anything that would not be done in a normal plane will sometimes count. Pitch up? Aerobatics manoeuvre. Cheeky roll? Aerobatics. This surprises me though at that distance. Contact support, they may be able to remove it

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Not sure what you mean by the scare quotes, but the system uses any airport in making its determination. Including Uncontrolled Airports.

Honestly, I’m not sure anyone knows the formula for aerobatic maneuvers as determined by the system.

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I’m not sure you can get a ghosting warming for Aerobatic manoeuvres,are you sure you following the speed rules?

@KNUCKLEHEAD… Max Sez: I feel your pain. Undefined Aerobatic and unrestricted airspace in general has never been clearly defined in IF. Aerobatics violations around an airfield boundaries and above 10 grand is nebulas & catch as catch can. I now perform aerobatic training in the SoCal hi-desert, over the Salten Sea or off shore open oceans out side the ADIZ. It’s IF, suck it up!


You can get that kind of warning for sure.

Yeah you can for sure. A…friend…has experienced it a few times 👀


Aha,is maybe your friend @schyllberg? Thanks for letting me know guys.


But even if I was near or over CL35, it didn’t give me time to correct. I
was still turning when the server red flag flag me. I swear it was
seconds. Not like normal, yellow flag…time to recover, slow down,
whatever your doing. This went very fast!!

I was Northeast of CL35.

There is a simple prevention so you won’t get this warning again. Do aerobatic maneuvers on the Casual Server only. Don’t do them on the Training Server or Expert Server. You won’t get any warnings on the Casual Server.


After a few I sometimes gain courage to go on a VFR with my SR22 and try to do barrel rolls and other aerobatics in expert server.

Its a gamble because you will get that warning, but its all about wathing your speed, pitch and remembering to maintain control of the aircraft.

@Maxmustang any areas in particular over the Salton you recommend are safe? Ive been taking off 1CA6 and heading east til I see the tip of the Salton Sea.

@Gavrilo… MaxSez: Enter the lake via the SW viaduct, no problem if you remain within the lake shore. Regards. (PS: I like Burmuda Dunes or Cockren as an ops base for T&G and free flight launch site in the high desert, WX almost always breeze.)


Trying right now. Thanks for the tip @Maxmustang

Oh I don’t even think about moves like the one we are discussing here on
expert server. My issue here is that I feel this is an unfounded violation.
In this case, but NOT because it me. I’ve had some friends get the same
warning/violation.I was in turn at a 90 degree angle. Now had I been
inverted, or may performing a split S, ok then. But that wasn’t the case.
Also not being close to an airports airspace. Had I been over KLAX or KONT,
OK I’d just be asking for it. Also the speed at which I got the violation.
Not being given the time to pull out of the maneuver.That’s where my hangup

The funny thing is I do aerobatics manouvers on ts1 all the time, above fl150 and I never have any issues

It think the issue is a bit misunderstood. It’s not so much the violation I’m upset about. If I’m in the wrong so be it. What I’m mainly upset about is the lack of warning time given, because I know others that have received multiple warns prior to receiving a violation. Also a clear definition of Aerobatic Maneuvers. I do not understand why a 180° turn at a 90° angle is considered an aerobatic maneuver. It’s not like I was trying to pull 20 G’s.

I’ve had similar warnings while flying patterns in a cirrus at WMBT between the runway and the mountain. So… Now I avoid 90deg bank angles, and when I want to get crazy, it’s off to casual.

BTW… I know, no patterns there, but I only do it when I’m alone or with someone else flying patterns. 😜

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I do understand why it’s setup like it is. I just think maybe the tolerance could be tweaked a little bit. But also the warning time is probably my biggest concern in this case. I’ve received these warning before. In those cases I did have enough time to change/correct my angle. In this case, not so much.