Aerobatic flight on Training and Expert server

Is the aerobatic flight prohibited on training and expert server? If so, why?

I love fly with fighter jets.

This topic will tell you everything you need to know about the Expert server, if you’re planning to fly fighters there.

As for the training server, you can’t get in trouble (i.e. ghosted), but I believe you can still receive violations for aerobatic maneuvers under 10,000 ft or in the vicinity of an airport.


Adding to what @TaipeiGuru has stated,

Try to avoid doing aerobatics at anytime in an airspace that is occupied by an airport. you will get a violation, and who likes violations? I suggest do it in mountains, etc.


You’re allowed as long as it’s not near an airport. Also (just a hate of mine) please take off and land at military airports instead of e.g EGLL. Thanks

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This would be my question:

If you want to do an air show, why in the world would you want to be bothered with standard ATC comms and trying to weave your way around 388s in the same airspace?

Casual Server flights give you just as many XP and it’s designed for just such a thing, so why not just do them there?

Sometimes I get the sense everything here is “where is the line so I can push it further” instead of just making the obvious choice. Here, that is clearly the Casual Server.


You can do it on any server you’d like. Just be respectful of other pilots and ATC.

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