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We are very proud to introduce a new third party app for Infinite Flight. AeroAssist is a Discord bot that can provide you with all the important information for your next flight from Flight Tracking, Live ATC, Aircraft Information database to User Stats commands and so much more. The best part - all important features are free. What are you waiting for? Add AeroAssist to your Discord server today and enjoy numerous Infinite Flight commands.

AeroAssist offers you a variety of free and exclusive features. A few of the core ones are listed below.

User Stats

Our User Stats command can show you many flying stats of a user just by entering their Community Forum name.

Airport Information

AeroAssist can display you information about any airport. Some of them are METAR reports, live ATIS and current in-/ outbounds.

Flight Tracking

AeroAssist also offers flight tracking directly within discord. Just enter a username to get the route, flightplan, ETA and so much more.

Live ATC

Ever wondered what airports and stations are opened on the Expert Server? AeroAssist will display detailed session and live ATC information.

full command list

General Commands

  • /help - Get basic bot, contributor and command information
  • /status - Check if all systems of our bot are up and running
  • /tip - Leave a small tip to support this project
  • /stats - Returns some nerdy stats for AeroAssist

Airport Commands

  • /airport-info - Get Airport information such as IATA, Inbounds and more
  • /metar - Get up to date METAR data for any airport

ATC Commands

  • /atc Get a list of all open ATC stations on the Expert Server
  • /atc-schedule - Get todays ATC schedule including official events
  • /atis - Get the current live ATIS of any airport opened by an IFATC member

Aircraft Commands

  • /aircraft-info - Get detailed aircraft information about any aircraft found in Infinite Flight

User Commands

  • /user-info Get detailed user stats by searching for any IFC username
  • /flight-info Get information about a flight by searching for an IFC username

inviting the bot

Step 1

Click on the invite link and log yourself into your discord account.

Step 2

Select the server you want to invite the bot on.

Step 3

Click on Authorise to agree to our Tos and to complete the invitation process.

Development Team

Name Role
@XY_MAGIC Founder & Main Bot Developer
@Testperson Internal API Developer


Name Thanks for
@J-F_V letting us test AeroAssist on his discord server (Airspace Academy)
@AdamCallow giving us access to his API to let /atc-schedule work
@Jan letting us use his aircraft information database
@GazeboGableforUS for helping to transfer data
Beta Testers

“I can’t imagine managing a Discord server for Infinite Flight without AeroAssist! From providing detailed airport information to delivering up-to-date METAR data, this bot has completely revolutionized the game. Any Discord server related to Infinite Flight should consider using AeroAssist.”

@Magician - IFVARB Reviewer & Appeals Team Member

“AeroAssist is the perfect Bot for an infinite flight discord server. The Bot features amazing features and is designed very simple and clean. The Bot is awesome!”

@ykaviation - Global Aviators CEO

AeroAssist is recommended and trusted by the Official Infinite Flight Discord Server, @QatariVirtual, @Etihad_Virtual, @KoreanAirVirtual, @FrenchBeeVA and so many more.

Is AeroAssist actually free?

Yes, it is free to use all AeroAssist commands. If you want to support the project, consider leaving a donation so that AeroAssist can saty a free bot.

How can I interact with the bot?

To interact with the bot you just have to type in a / in a discord channel of your choice. Select the AeroAssist bot from the list on the left to see all commands that we offer.

I can not see any commands when I try to use the bot, what can I do?

First of all right click on the channel > Edit Channel > Permissions > @everyone. Scroll down until you see “Use Application Commands” and click on the green tick.

I have found a bug and want to report it, where can I do so?

While you can report bugs via email, it is preferred that you join our Support Discord Server and write a bug report in the bugs channel.

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