Aero Regional Medical [Trailer included]

Attention forum goers,
Today , I have the pleasure of being able to present to you AeroRegMedical - the modern VA. Here at ARM we use a multitude of new and old technologies to help bring you the best experience possible. We pride ourselves on saving lives everyday be it through our multitude of non emergency missions or our realistic emergency missions. We use both real life medics aswell as student pilots but all are welcome. You dont even need live although it is suggested for the livestreaming events. Thats right you’re reading isnt funny we said livestreaming and here’s a little example we made earlier:

Like what you see well thats just the tip of the iceberg - here are just some of our many feature that help set us apart from other VAs:

  • Livestreaming
  • Unique Rank Structure
  • Purpose made SOP for every plane in our fleet
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Non live compatible
  • Logbooks
  • Dispatch bots (yes robots)
  • Proffesional website

And many many more… (you’ll have to join to find out about them)
If that wasn’t enough to convince you here are just some of our VA’s upcoming feature:

  • Automated Casualties
  • Zello ATC
  • Livestreamed events

And you…

Thats right for absolutely nothing you could become a member of a groundbreaking and origional VA. So join today:


amazing video

Added new website

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