Aero Glass

This is cool!!!
Aero Glass


Nice find, that looks awesome! Are these a prototype or available right now? I thought the part where they showed tower airspace was pretty cool

I have no idea. It looks so cool!
This is the website.

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It says it is conceptual art in the beginning of the video. But with advances in vr, augmented reality and things like Google glass, it could definitely be possible.

I think Iā€™d find that annoying.

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I just stumbled across this video and wanted to share it. Luckily I found this thread for the company that already existed, so I thought I would add to it rather than creating a new one.

This viedo displays their technology in more depth. At this point, the tech is still rudimentary and needs improvement, but I find the concept fascinating. One consideration, however, must be made for the Human Factors aspect of aviation. Our brains are only able to process so much information at a time, and this technology would have the potential to inundate a pilot with too much information.

With any new tech that is to be incorporated into the act of flying, special consideration much be given to overloading and over working the pilot. That being said, I find the concept of this technology to be quite amazing, and something I cam excited to see refined as the years go by.

What do you think of this product? Would it be useful in the real world? Would you use it if you were a pilot (excluding cost)?

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