Aerlingus a330 old livery

And its not nessicerely old just not the new one

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I didn’t know they said they’ll keep the older livery on some aircraft. In that case I’d be down to see the option of both liveries to chose from

Hey man! I’m totally with you about the old livery being better than the new one —personally, I like the green colors on the old one over how they mix green and blue tint on the new one. However, if you look at the livery guidelines recently published, only current liveries are accepted by the staff, so unfortunately the old livery probably wont be in the sim anytime soon

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Here are the guidelines for new livery requests

Yes but as ive already said they still use them on some of their aircraft and they are not oit of use there not old just not new

Right… but is aer lingus eventually going to repaint all of those ones or are they going to keep them running alongside the new ones?

Running aside the new ones look on flight radar and look at the aircraft then you shall understand even most of the 320s have the old and new as with the 330

Here is what I found on Wikipedia:

“On 17 January 2019, Aer Lingus unveiled a new brand and livery. The refreshed brand includes a new typeface, refreshed shamrock and a new colour scheme. The new livery consists of a white fuselage and teal engines and tail. All aircraft were expected to receive the new livery by the end of 2021.”

But all of the 321 neos are new livery

Yup but didnt happen as they didnt want to do it on all

Correct, but even on the air lingus website it states that they are in the process of repainting their aircraft into the new livery

The new aircraft are like the 321 neos and 320 neos that they have ordered but the 320s and 330s most are a mix of new and old as i said its because the old represents ireland as green ofc:)

Hello @matty.av ,
Seeing as this is a feature request to my knowledge, this would be in the #features typically but as this does not follow the guidelines for these requests, this may not be requested.

What its not old omg its not out of fleet they still use the livery

Yes, but the livery added and seen in IF is the current livery.

The livery you want is no longer permanent as it will be phased out.

Not for a long long time they have no intentiond to st the moment because they are making a tunnel in dublin airport they dont see it as neccesery atm

@matty.av looking at this, im not the only one who has tried explaining this to you, this topic will most likely be closed.

  1. You are TL1, indicating you cannot post #features requests.

  2. This does not follow the guidelines (not permanent.)

  3. There already is a Aer Lingus A333 in IF, if you want the old livery, fly the A321 or 757.


Ok i understand that but aerlingus dont use them aircraft anymore thats all im gonna say but thanks ig