AerLingus A330-300 (Old Livery)

Would definitely be a welcoming addition too. Gives us more choice in the EI IF fleet ☘


Its a dangerous spot though. (although most people park illegally) When 10R is in action the planes taxi past you, . Really close up and sometimes the pilots wave which is cool also


Ok guys! 21.3 is out which means 21.4 is coming soon! Please let’s get some more votes to get a chance for the old livery to be added 😎

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I am a very naive guy but is there a way to bump this topic?

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By replying to to the topic is a way of bumping it :)

Alright grand

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Funny thing is the old Aer Lingus livery has the updated aircraft name compared to the new livery with the outdated logo if you look closely. I know it makes no difference but still.

That would be awesome getting the old one to could happen wouldn’t know. Least we getting the new one ☘️

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Another bump for this beautiful livery

Credit: As seen in photo


@EI-AVA go vote :)

Nice pic you got there!

I’m not that good at photography 😆 Credit to Andrea Spoladore

I agree, it was amazing to have the new livery, and for now should be enough. 😇

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The airlines like lufthansa, air canada, cebu and others with new liveries were going to be added to the sim anyway. So there’s no point having old ones in at the moment. Maybe in the future update it will happen for sure.

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Another kinda bump for this topic related to the A330. Today Aer Lingus UK began their operations out of their UK Manchester base on their inaugural flight to Bridgetown BGI using their A330-300 aircraft G-EILA (formerly EI-ELA) as EUK931. The airline will operate flights to Boston, New York JFK, Orlando and Bridgetown with both their A330-300s and their A321LR aircraft

Even though this has nothing to do with the actual livery itself being requested I think it’s still cool to share here. I will look forward to doing these flights in the future in IF. Real shame that the specific callsign for Aer Lingus UK hasn’t been added yet in-app and I hope to see it added soon😔


We still need the old livery in IF!


Most definitely!

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Bump! We need this beauty!

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