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I literally was inside the tube in a c-130 for about 30 seconds and nothing happened. Surely it can’t be this hard?

Refuelling while the tanker has the boom up is possible

Beside this, excellent wor, FDS!

Yes. This is a know thing. Refueling will occur regardless of boom position.

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So someone not wanting to refuel can be trolled, with consequences now. That really does not seem right.

No because fuel is not directly pulled from the tanker. In other words the refueling process has no affect on the tanker.

So it is a one way street. One just refuels but no fuel is lost? Why on earth would they go that route?

I’m sure it could be implemented but I can’t speak for why it doesn’t pull from the tanker as you’d think. My leading hunch is telling me that a plethora of fighters could swarm a tanker and drain the beast in a few mins. Could be an easy way to troll someone if you ask me.


Man, I can’t wait for events where you have to wait in line and such.

I wonder why there wasn’t a feature added to communicate with other aircraft.

Through the ATC menu.

“Air force 452, Air Force 390 requesting contact”
“Air force 452, Air Force 390 requesting refuel”

“Air force 452, Good day”


Ok thought that even with the boom up they could drain fuel from you but knowing that isnt the case makes more sense. Just glad they prevented an avenue for trolls


@John_Hunter here’s the thread to post on.

I’m keen now to test it out if you are.

Woah woah woah…you can refuel the KC10, with the KC10?

That’s it, I’m setting up a casual server event shortly, KC10 REFUELLING CHAIN!!!


Why cant we refuel the C-17?

Autopilot is for the people who are to lazy to not hand fly which for me when I get close to the tanker I switch off Autopilot for some hand flying experience and it also allows you to understand more of how the jet is handling

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Autopilot is a personal preference based on the pilots ability to hand fly.

I wouldn’t necessarily call people lazy for using it, because in all reality real life pilots use autopilot too.

Plus there are different instances of autopilot, one to maintain speed, one to maintain altitude, one to maintain heading and vertical speed, it’s helpful for beginner pilots to use speed and heading autopilot while refueling so they can remain consistant.


IMHO…while the new addition of autopilot to the fighter class in the latest global update to the sim is welcome as to long excursions …it does not negate the fact that aviating is still a fine balance between controlling your angle of attack and your throttle speed… which become your primary objectives as you learn to respect and adjust to the forces which allow the remarkable operation of an airfoil in accordance with Bernoulli’s Principle as applied to the properties of aviation …that said…in regard to air to air tanker refueling …l once had a fighter sim for the pc back in the late 80’s l believe …which faithfully duplicated the refueling scenario to the level where you had to actually not only match a predetermined distance from a KC-135 tanker…but actually touch the connection hose to a specific spot on the fighter where it would automatically attach to begin the refueling operation …and since your yaw and pitch had to be accurate to achieve this goal…it was truly a thrill to hand fly …either with a joystick or the keyboard …the latter of which l preferred since l was too lazy at times to reattach the joystick as l had needed to connect the other ports on the pc for many other applications …including X10 module management…but in essence l learned much more from hand flying in regard to maintaining stability in fighter-tanker related operations !!!


for reference purpose:

IFC thread with RNLAF AAR training track flightplans

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Irl does the tanker have a separate Tank and for for refueling, or does it feed directly from the main tank?

Does the Tanker have to be above MLW in order to transfer fuel?

Sorry where’s the speed and altitude for the a10 I can’t find it?