Aerial Refueling Tips, Tricks, & Information

The Aircraft

With the newly pushed update aerial refueling is now possible for the aircraft listed below:

  • F14 (Tomcat)
  • F16 (Falcon)
  • F22 (Raptor)
  • C130 (Hercules)
  • C17 (Globemaster)
  • VC25 (Air Force One)
  • KC10 (Extender)
  • A10 (Warthog)
  • F/A-18E (Rhino)

Tips for the Aircraft being Refueled:

  • If you are hand flying the refueling process, try to keep control movements to a minimum. Autopilot will give you best precision when refueling

  • Coordinate with the tanker the plan of action. Ensure you have the flight plan, altitude, and speed at which the tanker will be flying.

  • Fly 50ft below the tanker’s altitude. In Infinite Flight we are unable to select a 50ft interval altitude. We are only able to select an altitude in 100ft intervals. (You can technically refuel at the same altitude as the tanker, but for realism sake…) To fly at an altitude other than that 100ft interval try following these steps:

1. Start out at the same altitude as the tanker.

2. Once you get close (1nm or less) set your cruise altitude 100ft below the tanker.

3. When you do this the default VS is -250fpm. However, what you should do is change this to -100fpm once the descent begins.

4. As you’re about 50ft below the tanker, swipe the VS to 0. You’ll want to lead this by a few feet, and it’ll hold you at whatever altitude you had displayed when you switched the VS to 0. Essentially you could cruise at 25,457ft and hold that altitude if the tanker is flying at 25,500ft

Keep in mind that this will not hold you at that altitude forever. It should hold you at that altitude long enough for you to refuel your aircraft.

May sound a bit confusing but it’s just a little something that I found that worked to hold a “non-100ft” altitude.

Tips for the Tanker:

  • Create a flight plan that will have a straightly distance of at least 100nm. Anything shorter of 100nm can be a bit of a struggle for the aircraft being refueled to make contact and to fuel up.

  • Coordinate with the aircraft being refueled your plan of action. Ensure you have the flight plan loaded and of reasonable length legs, an appropriate altitude, and speed at which you will be flying. Communication is key to ensuring that both you and the aircraft being refueled are on the same page

Suggested Refueling Speeds/Altitude:

Plane	                Altitude	    Speed (KIAS)
F22	                    28,000-30,000	M.82
F18E                    28,000-30,000	M.82
C/AC 130	            8,000           210 kts  
F14	                    28,000-30,000	M.82
F16	                    28,000-30,000	M.82
VC25 (Air Force One)	25,000	        275 kts
KC10	                25,000       	290 kts

Helpful Information:

As made known to the community in a response from Tyler, the aircraft being refueled “may only accept the amount of fuel equal to three (3) full tanks”. Sourced here 👈🏼

  • What does this mean? If your aircraft can carry 10,000lbs (4500kgs) of fuel, you may only refuel 30,000lbs (13,600kgs) in that session before you are unable to aerial refuel. You should be able to refuel upon landing at the nearest airport of your choice.

  • (Optional) Once you have topped off, pull along side your tanker and get some sweet pictures of your refueling experience. 😃

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below. I hope this was of assistance to you and I hope that this can further your Infinite Flight experience.

Official Infinite Flight Tutorial: If you are looking for a video on how Aerial Refueling is conducted, please see the attached link below for more information. Mark has done an amazing job on explaining how to successfully fuel from a KC10 tanker in the video.


Nice Tutorial DC, you’re A community heavy hitter when it comes to these things :)!


Looks like you crushed it again! Amazing tutorial and tips :)


Cool Tutorial nice to know :)


Do you mean the KC-10?

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Thanks for the helpful tips, Deer. It’s a great feature. We need some professional refuellers up to help us in the advanced server. I sense a growth of a new expert VO!


Yes but its classified under the DC10F. I can change it. 😊


You say that you can only refuel 3 full times per session. By session, do you mean that flight, or does it reset if you land and refuel at an airport without ending the flight?


So if I am reading this correctly, the Hornet (F/A-18) can’t be refueled with the tanker?

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Yes, I belive so. Seeing that it’s very old and not up to date, it does not.


Looking forward to probably what will be a much needed tutorial, after the frenzy of aerial refueling in the skies of IF!

I was the tanker, however it seemed like the pilot of the fighter was hand flying, not using AP.


For minor adjustments to line up and maintain the line with the aircraft I suggest using yaw to line up. You will notice this will make it far more specific than using roll. When refueling the KC10 refueling the other aircraft should not be the one moving but should be the aircraft hooking up to the KC10.

Did they add A/P to the fighters? I didn’t read it on the release thread.

They sure did :D hand flying a jet while refueling would be tough lol


Yes they did!
It’s great!!

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It has nothing to do with the age of the F18 in IF.
The F18 has a probe for refusing with a bucket, the KC10 in IF is currently only equipped with a boom system…

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Ah. Thank you for informing me.

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Well that makes since, but the F-14 uses the bucket system too. And I’m pretty sure it was on the list.

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You are right…