Aerial Refueling @ KLIN - 251800ZMAR20

  • Aircraft and Livery: All Military Aircraft

  • Route: KLIN > PLYER > BAGHO > PTBUL circle. (Up & down West Coast of Florida)

  • Time of Departure: Today (now) 18:00 Zulu - 01:00 Zulu Time

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: Take off from KMCF (Macdill Afb), currently running aerial refueling route up and down (recurring route) the West Coast of Florida, US. Log on Training Server & take off from Macdill Afb. Look for KC-10 Extender (McDonnell Douglas MD-11) “N475AS” @ 22,000 MSL altitude & M0.73 GS. Pull up for aerial refueling.

Hey dude, please make sure the title is in the correct format.

I updated the title for you so it’s in the correct format. Enjoy your flight!

Thank you!

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