Aerial Refueling (KC-10)

With the MD11 coming soon, how cool would it be to have a KC-10 & be able to conduct aerial refueling?

All military & US government aircraft in IF that have aerial refueling capability in real life would be able to refuel from KC-10. There would also be a camera view for the boom operator on KC-10 & the ability to guide the boom and control fuel flow (you can put your KC-10 on autopilot before switching to this view).

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Nice idea, but imagine the chaos of TS1 pilots randomly attempting to refuel random aircraft and stuff. Not going to work.


What are"TS1 pilots"?

They are pilots that are Grade 1 or 2 and fly on TS1

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Gotcha thanks a lot.

@Aussie_Wombat @mrpidgeon An idea i have is to restrict aerial refueling to other than TS1 and single player.

FDS can create 2 types of aerial refueling missions for single player: one where you can practice getting refueled and the other where you can practice refueling aircraft as boom operator.


Missions would be cool.


In terms of missions, yeah. Having a successful aerobatic team in mind, I can tell that it takes a lot of dedication and skill to fly that close together. All of that without communication is pretty impossible. So its a no from me.


Perfectly fits with Aerosync’s operating mode


What about if it automatically connects once you are nearby, the autopilot does it?

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Sorta like a snap feature. Would be good but it wouldn’t be very realistic so…

Second this. It is insanely tough to train some people on how to fly like that

I miss the missions. Maybe they could make a comeback with the next update?

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I totally agree that there would have to be communication options. Just as we have ATC in Live, you would have an entire slew of tanker-receiver communications messages that you can pick from.

Totally agree. There would certainly need to be a tutorial for both receivers & boom operators. I’d recommend FDS create a flight lesson for aerial refueling.

I don’t think this would work because 1. There would be trolls who would be like: hey can have some fuel? My destination is only half an hour away… other guy: yeh sure, * flies up to the plane * SIKE! See you later! 2. I’m pretty sure It would envolve a lot of coding.

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I really like this idea. I think the military groups would have a lot of fun with this!


I doubt Infinite Flight would ever add this. There’s just some things that don’t fit into this sim.

Read again, I’m pretty sure it won’t happen @NetJets_Nick

That woud be realy cool! I voted for it:-)

There won’t be many troll if you don’t give them the idea! How is it trolling if you want to refuel on a 30 minute flight? I don’t see a problem with it. Yes, it may not be realistic totally, but still every feature brought to IF will bring trolls with it.