Aerial Refueling...has anyone tried and succeeded?

Just curious…😅Is there anyone who tried and succeeded?


You mean Aerial Refueling? Yeah I’ve done it a few times and succeeded. You really need to communicate with whoever you’re doing it with tho.


I have never tried it, i didnt even know it was possible, what aircraft is capable with that?

Use the DC-10F then change the livery to the KC-10. It is pretty good


Im gonna try that out right now! Thank you 😀😉😘❤️❤️

Tim, I am a pro at refueling. Always coordinate with your pilot to refuel. Try zello or discord voice chat.


GAF does it on a regular basis, like if F22’s are on a mission and they need extra fuel.
We have special procedures to communicate.


We perform a lot of refueling missions in our VA (GAF). They are challenging, but fun and rewarding when you get it right.

I’ve had some unplanned ones as well with random tanker pilots. In those scenarios it is good to be considerate of your tanker pilot. Make sure they are at a cruise altitude (not descending or approaching an airport on their flight plan). I’ll also form up from the left first and see if they drop their fueling boom as a sign that they are providing aerial refueling services.

here’s another good post with some tutorial information.

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@Capt_D_Brown You still hiring for any demo teams?

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You should view the thread I linked, applications are still open ;)

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I would agree with what MaximV just posted. I believe that there are still demo slots to fill, however I would suggest directly reaching out to the commanding staff on the thread for details and requirements. : )

If you are requesting to, or are refueling, then post it on this thread.

I’ve done it a few times. You need to be able to communicate with your tanker or fight pilot though.

Oh yes of course I love aerial refueling although it’s difficult. I do it with friends and it’s a blast.

Thanks for the comments guys☺️ Gonna try that looks challenging😄

If you have serious wifi lag then you get two strikes against you for free to start with

we at GAF do this basically every day, being squadron commander of no10. sqn who fly tankers it’s kind of our bread and butter lol

There is an event where the GAF will be flying tankers today if you would like to join in a 22 to try it out.

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