Aerial Refueling for all aircraft

Have you ended up in a situation where you were short of fuel and you knew someone who is free and can refuel you but you were in an aircraft that can be Aerial refuel. This feature is for all aircraft have the ability of being aerial refueld

  • Why would we add this We should add this because this could saves someones flight. Even if someone fills up the right amount of fuel they could have faced stronghead wind the whole way and they would not have enough fuel to make to their destination.

  • What about the people against the idea Well there will be little to no change to your flying experience.

Nope. Commercial and GA aircraft were not built for aerial refueling, and you know it too.
Fuel planning is the pilots responsibility.


Already have this. Check out Solo mode. 🙂 As for the other servers, we strive for things to be as real as possible to a certain degree. I cant say I’ve heard of a CRJ refueling in flight IRL so this wouldn’t be applicable. But! The Cessna 172 and others have. We just don’t have the ground vehicles and aircraft that the folks in the day used to complete these amazing feats.

truck refueling C172 while in flight