Aerial refuel intercepted by staff

Me and @steven_lowe1 planed an aerial refuel. We started at KSUU

Taxied to the runway to takeoff
F-22 Assault takeoff
Who dares approach?

Oh it’s @Tyler_Shelton!! Maybe I shouldn’t antagonize him🤐 flies off Us peasants feed the bigger plane to ensure he protects us. F-22 Inbound on GPS
The end of a joyous flight! Thanks for stopping by Tyler!


Fun stuff! Love seeing people meet here on the forum and join up in the air. 👏


Lol. Those are cool pics! Really cool that Tyler was able to join you 😂


Right place at the right time!

Throwback Thursday! This was a super cool flight! Once in a lifetime.

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Woah its maaaaaagggggiiiiicccccc.

Great photos. Nice to see Tyler stopped by!

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