Aerial Photography @LMML

Hey IFC, what’s popping?

Today while there was traffic and ATC at LMML, I had the chance to go up for an hour and fly above the airport at an altitude of 1,500 feet MSL, later going down to 600 feet with ATC approval. I took off and landed at this airport.

This flight was made possible by @azeeuwnl and @Shane who were able to work me and my 172 in with all the traffic, so thank you guys!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of photos, and I’d love to get some feedback! It was really wonderful to do this in Infinite Flight while I’m unable to in the real world.

Have an awesome weekend!


Hey @Oskapew, nice shots! It’s always fun flying over round a busy airport with an approved transition to spot all the traffic below!

Just make sure to keep to the 10 photo limit per topic :)

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I had it in my mind this number was 15 in which case I’d be under, my bad!

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