Aerial Photography @LMML Part 2!

Hey IFC, welcome to part 2 of this completion! [See Part 1]

Today while there was traffic and ATC at LMML, I had the chance to go up for an hour and fly above the airport at an altitude of 1,500 feet MSL, later going down to 600 feet with ATC approval. I took off and landed at this airport.

This flight was made possible by @azeeuwnl and @Shane who were able to work me and my 172 in with all the traffic, so thank you guys!

Have a great weekend!


I think I saw you in Malta earlier today, great shots!

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If it was a Cessna 172 with callsign SPOTTING, then yep that was me!

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Thats pretty cool, I might have to do this sometime, what sort of instructions was ATC giving you?

Hey @Aero! I was the approach controller there, and he had initially called in as VFR flight, so I allowed him to continue flying VFR, and issued an altitude for him to maintain. Had he cut into the approach or departure line, I would’ve taken him off of his VFR flight until I could get him in a better spot, but overall, he mainly just flew in circles above the ramp/runway clear of any traffic. It’s best to do such a thing with prior planning, as he had contact with both me and GTS the entire time, thanks!