Aer Lingus Virtual | Smart Flies | Hiring Pilots and Staff!

Fantastic! Just follow the link in the original post and I hope to see you in the skies around us soon!

    We would like to welcome @Connor as our new Senior Advisor here at Aer Lingus Virtual!

What server do u mostly fly on?

I personally fly on the Expert Server the most, however our airline does not require you to fly on that server at all times.

I see that the airbus a330 and b757 don’t have an aer lingus livery, what do u do?

In regards to non Are Lingus aircraft we just use generic aircraft. So we can keep flying!


Nice looking thread @Mika
And Good luck


Nice thread guys!

@FINNWINGS scouting threads like

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This is maybe why it takes a lot of time, there are people before us to be approved

When is the next event coming up?

Our first event will be announced once all of the planning is completed @Oli5 :)

It shouldn’t be very long.

I am interested to join as I am Irish myself. It would be great to be a part of a nice Virtual Airline. Also, Aer Lingus A330 does not exist in Infinite Flight?


We’re so glad you want to join Aer Lingus Virtual. As I aforementioned, if the livery does not exist inside Infinite Flight, we just use the generic livery on said aircraft


Hello there, as I entered your website, I wanted to check was I in the Aerlingus VA as a pilot, so I tapped on the ‘pilots and staff’ section and the page displayed somewhat different saying ‘error 404 not found’. Do you know this problem? I hope it will be fixed…

We don’t have a pilot and staff page

Hi there, I would like to be a member of staff but can I still be a pilot as well?

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I love Dublin airport so much, I would like to join as a pilot!


Yes, you can! Apply here!

We love Dublin as well! Don’t forget to apply!

Has anyone heard of the new controller tower in Dublin airport? It is really nice. What’s your opinions on it?

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I have a good hope on the airports future. Also looking forward to the new ‘North’ Runway in the near future.

(I have applied to your VA as a pilot. Just waiting for a response or an invitation)