Aer Lingus Virtual looking for staff

Hi guys welcome. My name is Gio and I am the owner of Aer Lingus Virtual. @Xpheros is the co owner of this VA. We are currently looking for staff memebers to help grow and expand this VA to the best that it can be. We also want staff members that are active and always willing to help .

Staff position

Owner- @Gman
Co Owner - @Xpheros
Event Manager -
Event Organizer -
Moderator 1 -
Moderator 2 -
Admin- @Tom-Bonfield
Advertiser - @Zachary_Meir_Tish
Website Creator - @Xpheros
Pilot recruiter -
Head pilot - @Alyr10

Please let me know if your interested below. Please Pm me to apply for a role for this Va. Will not accept anyone that says " hi I love Aer Lingus . Can I be Moderator pls. Thanks :) ". I would like it if you tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would be a good at that role. We will not be accepting pilots at this moment we just need a little bit more work until we are ready to be officially opened. If you have any questions about the positions let me know in the comments below .

Partner airlines - Ryanair VA

Thanks you and have a nice day :)

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What did I tell you about only posting in your va’s DESIGNATED thread?

Please avoid from posting in the #live:va category when asking for staff members. It doesn’t help improve your Virtual Airlines image. Next time only post these kind of topics on your main VA thread.

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Ok sorry didn’t know didn’t even know that was a rule I was not trying to promote my VA in any way

Hi. I can be of some help you you. I create YouTube videos and photo edits, personally enhanced or untouched, awesome shots. You can see an example of my YouTube production here and some photos below:
I work independently and as a partnership with IFPM (Infinite Flight Pictures Media) to provide services for VA. I work as a Web Designer, Head YouTuber, advertiser, and advisor for IFPM. You can see their services here or contact me directly for assistance. IFPM VA Services are available now, and mine will officially be available soon, but I will be happy to start with you now if you wish.


Those photos are amazing maybe you could be an advertiser for us . Those are really nice pictures . Let me know thanks

Feel free to PM me for any help and check out my video if you haven’t already if you would like to explore my videography services

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Ok of course thanks for the help I will subscribe to your channel

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