Aer Lingus VA

Aer Lingus is now open for people to join


Is this a VA?

Yes it is I don’t have VA

Ok a VA takes a lot of time, patience and hard work, VA’s usually have a website and some even have Slack teams. Anyway good luck with your VA and a moderatore will close the other topic


Ok I don’t know how to make a website

There are lots of website creators you can use for free… e.g Wix or Weebly

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Join up When I make it

I can’t it’s in spainish

I am currently working on my own website and am happy to do one for you. Want to do a codeshare?

Ok What is the case de theb

What will be the code then

I’ll be joining

This is like a “VA Development” group. They can make a website for you in 3 days. All you do is give them the details!

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I recommend doing a Bitrix24 24 pilot portal!

Just letting you know, there is already an Aer Lingus VA.


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What I mean by code share is you fly passengers for me and the other way around

E.g i fly your passengers to Sydney Australia and you fly mine to say Dublin, if you know what I mean

Ok I got my VA

I might be joining…

I would join but it doesn’t look organised