Aer Lingus VA Thomas Cook Tribute Flight

Yesterday Sunday the 29th of September 9 members (lost three along the way) from Aer Lingus Va set off on a Thomas Cook Tribute Flight from Manchester to Palma De Mallorca to pay tribute for their recent collapse here are a few pictures I’d thought I’d share. These are my first pictures that I’m posting so constructive feedback is appreciated.


Parked at the gate in Manchester

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk departing of 23R



Sorry I will add background to the photos now

Nice pictures to remember Thomas Cook 😭


@AviatorJack nice pics bro I remember seeing u and @Kuba_Jaroszczyk and the rest of the guys from Aer Lingus VA in the skies yesterday sad to hear some didn’t make it doe :(


I was supposed to post the pictures for tomorrow, but looks like you took the turn. It was a great tribute flight, nailed the route and handled the A321 smoothly. Awesome pictures! 💛🖤

The scenery was also the best so far the past month.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk I will take this down as I messed up in some photos I’d rather see your beautiful photos 😀👍

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RIP Thomas Cook
You will always be remembered

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@AviatorJack Your pictures are also great. If you want you can keep it, or else you would rather one full thread. 👍

I think a full thread tomorrow will be fine

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