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The past year has been an amazing experience as COO of this fantastic VA. I’ll be forever grateful to @Naz the CEO for the opportunity to be there to help and watch it grow, but I’ve decided to step down and take a less active role due to work and family Commitments. I will now take over as recruitment manager whilst @Marc_Gallagher takes up his new role as COO.

I met marc through EIVA when he joined as a pilot and I can honestly say he’s one of the nicest people I’ve met on IFC. I have no doubt that he was the right man to take on the role as COO and is the right man to continue to drive this VA forward while working with naz. Best of luck in your new role Marc ☘️

Back to recruitment,

We are always looking for new hungry pilots to join our VA that’s based on realism. From flight numbers to routes and codeshare partners you have an opportunity to fly all over the world with AerLingusVA. With over 1000 routes (including) codeshares and our new website and crew Center in the works there is no better time to join.

If your interested in becoming an AerLingusVA pilot click the link below or you may contact me directly.

Thank you
@Gary_Crinnion (Recruitment Manager)


A respectful decision Gary. Enjoy the new role as recruitment manager and congrats again Marc on COO 👏 ☘️


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Naz for this amazing opportunity of working alongside him as his COO. I’d also like to thank @Gary_Crinnion for recommending me for this role as COO of EIVA. I’m really looking forward to working along with my fellow staff to continue improving and making The experience here at EIVA. We are working on a few things in the background to update into the VA to make our pilots time at EIVA more enjoyable and we hope to push the update soon. I’m really proud to not only be COO of this amazing VA but also just being a member of it. As some people know Irish people have a very unique personality which means the crew lounge is always full of conversation. One thing I’ve learned is an active crew lounge in a VA means more active pilots. Our applications are always open: Id like to take this time to thank you for reading through this and wish you safe flying.

Kind Regards,




👀 👀 😍

You could say that… (click it 😉)


During these hard times as case’s of Covid19 begin to rise again in some countries and continue to grow others it is important we keep ourselves at home to protect our family’s and friends. We need to stay home where possible!!

While staying at home why not join and fly AerLingus Virtual Airlines, our VA is based on real world AerLingus, from our flight numbers, routes and codeshares partners everything we try and do is based on realism.

With our codeshares partners you have the opportunity to fly from Ireland to the USA or even as far as Australia with our codeshares.

Last night myself, Chief IFATC Controller @Ryan_Gibb and fleet captain @CaptainBenjamin flew one of our codeshares routes with United from KORD-KDEN. (Pictures below)

Click the link below to apply today:


Great Pictures @Gary_Crinnion!

It is great to be part of this VA, with all the craic on the discord, and the professionalism of all our pilots. The staff team is also superb and it is amazing to have the opportunity to work with them.

Click that Link!!!

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Ba bump

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AerLingusVA would like to congratulate @twig one of our most dedicated pilots on becoming our first pilot to reach over 1000 hours flow.

@twig has been with AerLingusVA from very early days of our VA and has continued to fly and dedicated his time to us over the past year. 1000 is an amazing achievement for anyone to reach.

Thank you for been such an amazing pilot for EIVA. Here’s to the 2000 🎉 🥳

AerLingusVA is always looking for new pilots so why not apply today, sure the crew lounge is a great crack 🇮🇪 Hope to see you soon



Very well done @twig! Congrats 👏

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Thanks Gary! Love it at EIVA, I’d recommend it to anyone. Really fun place to go relax, have a discussion and always a great laugh. So many people from various countries around the world and still growing! ☘️


Thanks Ryan!


☘️Aer Lingus VA Update☘️
As we edge ever closer to the highly anticipated 20.2 release our pilots have been hard at it the last couple of weeks partaking in the new Open Beta programme. We took advantage of our codeshares and organised a group flight from CYYZ-CYVR with the amazing Air Canada Livery. (hope all at @AirCanadaVaOfficial are loving this livery as I’m sure you can all agree it’s simply stunning especially mixed in with the beautiful scenery Vancouver had to offer 😍). I will leave a few pictures below of that flight.

Recently we added the A330 and the A350 onto our DUB-LHR-DUB flights as they have been operating in the real world the past few months to keep their pilots active and the aircraft themselves mechanically. This is a welcoming addition and I hope all our pilots will enjoy!

We are always looking for new Pilots. If you meet all our requirements then please do not hesitate to apply! Our recruitment manager will be in touch as soon as possible. Link to the application form can be found on our website which is linked on our thread. We would love to have you in the VA! I would highly recommend it and I will guarantee that you will not be disappointed 😉


Great to hear the addition of the A330 to the LHR route. I was just thinking of that recently. Keep it up EIVA!


Last night EIVA hosted a group flight to commemorate the Airbus A321 which has sadly been phased out of the Aer Lingus fleet. We flew from Dublin to Salzburg and just for one last hurrah, @Rian_OShea and myself did a formation low pass over the runway. Thanks for all you have done for us A321, we will miss you and thank you for taking a look.


She will be missed. Nice shots Luke!

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Fantastic shots Luke! Was a great send off for her


Really great to be part of EIVA! Happy to have been at this event, although didn’t do stunts. Class!