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Official Thread for Aer Lingus VA
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Based on the real world fleet, routes and partners of Aer Lingus

We are working hard to offer a professional VA experience for pilots and controllers of all grades. Offering a great choice of routes from short regionals to ultra long hauls. Our simple yet enjoyable fleet offer crews some great challenges, and is further expanded by utilising aircraft from our Operator and Codeshare partners.
Events, group flights, a bespoke online crew centre (coming in 2020), and a friendly community are all part of how we plan to make the already amazing experience that is Infinite Flight, even more enjoyable!

Meet the team

Management Team   Operations Team   Events Team  
CEO @Naz Chief Pilot @AviatorJack Events Manager Vacant
COO @Gary_Crinnion Chief Controller @Ryan_Gibb    
Head of Internal Affairs Vacant        
HR Manager @Nicholas_Henry        
Recruitment Manager @Marc_Gallagher        
PR Manager @Naz        


Our Fleet

We are keen to keep the VA as close is possible to the structure to the real world airline we are based on. Although Infinite Flight unfortunately doesn’t currently offer all the aircraft types in use by Aer Lingus (or even liveries on some that it does have), we have built our fleet from what is currently available. With the launch of the A350-900, with an Aer Lingus livery, we elected to adopt this aircraft for VA use, in place of the missing heavy fleet aircraft. Our crews also enjoy many opportunities to fly additional aircraft through our Codeshare partner routes!

Our Routes

Our route database comprises every real world flight (not just each route, but each flight number!) operated by Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional that’s possible to recreate in Infinite Flight! In addition we have partnered with a number of VAs who are real world Codeshare partners, offering even more choice as part of our ‘Routes of the Week’ feature - each carrying an hours multiplier bonus!

Our Partners

We enjoy working closely with the other IFVARB Approved VAs that form part of our codeshare and operator partner programs, based on real world Aer Lingus information. We currently offer occassional codeshare routes from the following partners, changing weekly to keep the available routes different and interesting!


Our Crew Rank System

Rank Hrs Base Routes Aircraft
Second Officer 0 EIDW Regional A320
First Officer 15 EIDW/EGAC Short Haul A320/A321
Snr First Officer 40 EIDW/EICK/EIKN/EGAC Medium Haul A320/A321
Captain 70 All Bases Long Haul A320/A321/A333/A359
Snr Captain 120 All Bases All Routes All Fleet
Base Captain 180 All Bases All Routes + Historic All Fleet + Historic
Fleet Captain 250 All Bases All Routes + Historic All Fleet + Historic

Crew Application Requirements

  • At least 14 years of age
  • IF Grade 3 or higher
  • Violations/Landings less than 50%
  • IFC registered, and in good standing
  • Be able to use Discord for VA communications
  • Complete and pass the application exam
  • You will also have to pass a check-flight before logging for EIVA


Regular Events & Group Flights

We like to keep our crew happy and busy around the world, which is why our events team arrange for weekly VA group flights and flash flights. These feature either our own Aer Lingus VA routes, codeshare partner routes, historic flights or sometimes tribute flights.


‘Wild Rover’ The EIVA World Tour!

In addition to the team’s great efforts, we also recently started our World Tour event ‘Wild Rover’ where we are making our way around the IF globe showcasing our VA, aircraft, liveries and awesome crew on a 52 leg route. This is taking us to places that we would not normally fly to or visit, and offering a great experience and some interesting routes and airports that add to our VA experience!



Nice VA! I’ll apply now!


Nice new thread :)


Loving the new thread. I’ll definitely apply!


@AerLingusVA Where can I find the pilot applications?


Thanks for your interest in joining Aer Lingus VA!

The recruitment section of our website has links to the applications.

Hope to see you soon!

Thanks, @AerLingusVA is Second Officer a pilot position?

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Yep Second Officer is the first pilot position - from there you can rank up. Hope to see you in Aer lingus VA

EIVA Chief Pilot.☘


@AviatorJack Thanks I just applied! Can’t wait to get onboard!


Great to be part of this amazing VA! Everyone in the crew lounge is always so nice and friendly, and flying in groupflights is always fun.


That’s good, I will not regret joining!

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Our recruitment manager will be in touch soon :) See you soon ✈️

EIVA Chief Pilot ☘️


Alright, thanks!


Very nice thread :)


So proud to be part of this amazing VA! New thread looks so clean as well, nice refreshment:D


Amazing topic! Love the formatting and banners used it!


Like Hugh said great to be part of this. Loads of great routes to. I love it. We just have the craic in the crew lounge


Glad to be your partner!


On Sunday we hosted a group flight from Dublin to Malaga showing off our heavy fleet in the process! 💚☘️✈️ Our applications are always open for new pilots! Here is some pictures below


Stunning thread btw and I hope you have great success in the future to come.