Aer Lingus VA Official Thread // Crew Applications Open!!

Aer Lingus VA

Official Thread for Aer Lingus VA

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Aer Lingus VA - IFVARB Approved

Based on the real world fleet and routes of Aer Lingus

We are working hard to build a professional VA experience for pilots and controllers of all grades. Offering a great choice of routes from short regionals to ultra long hauls. Our simple yet enjoyable fleet offer crews some great challenges, and is further expanded by utilising aircraft from our Operator and Codeshare partners.
Events, group flights, a bespoke online crew centre, and a friendly community are all part of how we plan to make the already amazing experience that is Infinite Flight, even more enjoyable!

Aer Lingus VA - Meet the Team

- Management Team -

We are currently recruiting Staff…

Aer Lingus VA

We are keen to keep the VA as close is structure to the real world airline we are based on. Although Infinite Flight doesn’t currently offer all the aircraft types in use by Aer Lingus (or liveries on some), we have built our fleet from what is currently available. Our crews also enjoy the opportunity to fly additional aircraft through our Codeshare partner routes!

(Work is continuing on our comprehensive online crew centre, links to our route table will be posted soon)

Our route database comprises every real world flight (not just each route, but each flight!) operated by Aer Lingus and their partners, that’s possible to recreate in Infinite Flight! In addition we have already partnered with a number of VAs who are real world Codeshare partners, offering even more choice through weekly codeshare routes - each carrying an hours multiplier!

…with more to come in the future!

As with the majority of VAs within the Infinite Flight community, we have some basic requirements to qualify crew members. We also operate a simple and rewarding rank structure to work through by flying scheduled, seasonal and codeshare routes, as well as taking part in VA organised events and group flights.

Second Officer - 0 Hours
  • Routes: Regional
  • Base: EIDW
  • Aircraft: A320
First Officer - 15 Hours
  • Routes: Regional & Short Haul
  • Base: EIDW, EGAC
  • Aircraft: A320, A321
Snr First Officer - 40 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short & Medium Haul
  • Aircraft: A320, A321
Captain - 70 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium & Long Haul
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: A320, A321, A330
Snr Captain - 120 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: A320, A321, A330, B757
Base Captain - 180 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul + Historic
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: A320, A321, A330, B757 + Historic
Fleet Captain - 250 Hours
  • Routes: Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul + Historic
  • Base: All Bases
  • Aircraft: A320, A321, A330, B757 + Historic

- Crew Application Requirements -
  • At least 14 years of age
  • IF Grade 3 or higher
  • Violations/Landings less than 50%
  • IFC registered, and in good standing
  • Be able to use Slack for VA communications
  • Complete and pass the application exam

Crew applications are now OPEN - APPLY NOW!

Whoooooa, very cool! Do you guys have the Dublin-Minneapolis route in your database?


Congratulations and welcome Aer Lingus VA! Great looking website!!


Congrats! Good to see Aer Lingus VA back!


Yes we do!

The route database currently shown on the website was the original planned one, there is a newer version being built directly into the website and crew centre as we speak. The new version includes the EI89 to KMSP and EI88 on the return leg. It also has a lot of corrected flight numbers and additional flights/routes.


I will be joining soon looks great 🇮🇪


Nice guys! I’ve been waiting for this! I’m not 15 yet though. Would you guys happen to be searching for staff?


Nice to see my favorite airline starting a VA can’t wait to see this VA grow


Flybe VA… I’m the CEO of this VA but I believe it has to be a different name due to copyright issues. I’ve delayed this a couple of months until Flydubai is up and going since I am the COO of that.

Well nevermind I just found like 5 others all for Infinite Flight lmao


Good to see an Aer Lingus VA back! Great thread.


Very well done guys!


Looks absolutely amazing guys!


Looks like a great VA hope all goes well for you.


Fantastic thread, glad to be apart of this amazing VA ☘️🇮🇪


Looks like an amazing VA! Wish you guys the best of luck!

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Very good work, I can tell a lot of work has been put into this one… One of the most detailed and visually appealing applications I’ve ever received :).


I can’t believe how well looking everything is! Hope for nothing but the best for you guys.


Digging at these graphics this has had a huge amount of effort in. Which is visually noticeable. One of the best VAS i have seen in my time!


Hoooooly moly that is one good looking thread. Absolutely fantastic job with the thread, and best of luck to the future of this VA. 🤞


Due to a very high level of interest, we have decided to open applications for crew!

Although the all singing, all dancing Crew Centre is still in development, we really want to get some pilots on the books, and get Aer Lingus VA up in the air and flying. For that reason we have developed a temporary PIREP system, and opened the Crew Application Form.

If you want to be one of the first pilots in a VA that’s going to be something special - Apply Now

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to process your application and send out out your Slack invitation.