Aer Lingus VA 'New' Official Thread // Did someone say A350?

Congrats! :) Welcome to the VA world and keep those number getting bigger 👌🙌


Thanks guys your kind words mean alot. everyone involved has put in a fantastic effort to make it what it is today, I cant thank Naz enough for giving me a chance to be apart of his VA.

crew positions are always open :)


Just a quick reminder…

If you’re interested in applying for one of the available Staff positions, applications close tomorrow (10 DEC) at 1200Z…


You had best add the A350!

EDIT: Whoops I guess they cancelled the order

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That’s right, the news that many of you have been waiting for…

You may have seen the previous announcement from me stating that, due to my desire to emulate the ‘real world’ Aer Lingus, we would not be using the Airbus A350 within the VA? Well, having been approached by some crew and staff with some good cases and points of view I have decided, with agreement of the staff team, to reverse that decision…It seems a real waste to have such an exciting new aircraft in IF, carrying our livery, and not to use it! With the lack of IF equivalent aircraft types to keep us in-line with the real Aer Lingus I can now see a real case for using the A350 within the VA. Aer Lingus are currently working on removing the 757 from it’s routes, opting instead to use the A321LR, they also seem more focussed on A330 orders going forward. We obviously don’t have access to the first of those, and don’t have the livery for the second…. which is where our A350 story will begin! Although we won’t replace the real world aircraft already allocated on routes offering the A350, so if you want to retain the realism you still can.

What routes/ranks will it be available on?
When it’s introduced, the A350 will sit alongside the A330 and B752 on our established transatlantic routes. This means that you will have to be ranked as a Captain or higher to be able to take her to the skies. Whilst I understand that may seem a long a way off for newcomers to the VA, that decision was to prevent it attracting pilots who only want to fly the A350, and nothing else. It’s something pretty awesome to aim for in my opinion, and you can use the journey to Captain to enjoy the rest of the new routes and codeshares that will be available soon. We may even throw it in for an event or two and/or ROTW routes, however it cannot be used for flash flights.

When will it be available?
As you are probably more than aware, there is some pretty heavy duty work going on with the route database right now. We will soon we switching to a seasonal schedule, just as real world airline would operate, and we now have over 200 new codeshare routes to choose from for our ROTW also. When the new route table (and upgraded PIREP system) goes live, the A350 will be in there on the routes mentioned above. My hope is to have that ready in the next week, and for it to be fully in place and active by the end of the month.Hopeful this meets the expectations and hopes of many of our Aer Lingus VA crew, I’d love to get your feedback and reactions…

Aer Lingus VA CEO


Very excited! At some point we will be able to use the Airbus A350 as an opportunity to support the beautiful work the developer’s has made for us. You know what this means, I will be making events available for every crew to attend! Perhaps once every two weeks. And well done Naz for the extraordinary amount of work put in the new database! For now I must finish my Christmas exams so I’ll hold my excitement. 😁

EIVA Events Manager


I’m very excited about this news for the VA. The A350 has took IF by storm since it’s release. Our CEO has put an amazing amount of work into the VA with our route database. We hope to have the A350 added to the pirepsystem and our data base at the start of the new year. Also the CEO is working on a stand out crew centre which he hopes to have up and running in the first quarter of 2020. I’m honoured to be apart of the Amazing VA and meet some great people. An amazing staff/management team and the coolest pilots ever ;) you guys have know idea how excited i am about the future of this VA. Bring on 2020 :)



Our CEO Naz does absolutely amazing work here at the VA. Doesn’t get enough appreciation for what he does. 😁


Applied, looking forward to hopefully flying with Aer Lingus.


Yeah, Naz is brilliant.


We’ve just pushed an update to our route database and PIREP system, meaning Aer Lingus VA now respect real world seasonal Aer Lingus routes, amongst other improvements!

And for those of our crew who are Captain and above, the A359 is now officially available on all transatlantic routes!!



As we work hard to continue the development and growth of Aer Lingus VA, we look to bring in new features and improvements on a regular basis. Welcome to the first official VA UPDATES post, getting 2020 moving in the right direction…


Aer Lingus Regional routes are now LIVE!

I know some may disagree with using the A320 for Aer Lingus Regional routes, but there are some great benefits to adding these routes even if we don’t have the correct IF fleet. This decision unlocks a great number of regional routes not just for new crew members to choose from, but also if you just want to jump on a quick flight. There are some destinations that we couldn’t include in the table, due to either real world restrictions (runway length/aircraft handing) or IF not allowing gates to spawn into for the A320. A summary of the new options are shown below, and the complete list of routes is included in the PIREP, and I will share a list of the full Regional list shortly.

  • EICK options to EGBB, EGGD, EGPH, EGPF, EGCC
  • EINN options to EGBB and EGPH

The restriction on operating from EIDW for Second Officers remains in place.

As a result of these new regional routes becoming available, EHAM, LFPG and LFRS routes have now been reverted to Short Haul - and are no longer available at Second Officer.

Repositioning Routes

Over the next week or two we will be introducing a small number of repositioning flight options between EI bases. This will then allow more consistency for those who prefer to take-off from where they landed - and will likely have a use in any future Career Mode plans that may or may not be in the works.


Monthly Performance Leaderboards - START NOW!

From now on, we will be tracking the performance of all our crew in a small number of monthly leaderboards!
At the end of every month we will announce the highest performing crew members here on the IFC thread, in our Slack channels, and on the website blog. I am working on a way of linking to a smart table on AirTable that will allow you to monitor your (and other’s) progress. For now we have two leaderboards running:

  • Most Hours Logged in the Month
  • Most Routes Logged in the Month

We are still working on prizes (other than bragging rights) for the winners, but there will be something. It may be something like a x2 multiplier to use on a route of your choice, we have a few ideas that we are playing around with.

Aer Lingus VA - ATC Program

The staff have been chatting about this one for a while, and now I want to put it to the crew in a poll.
The idea for this is to have a separate channel here in Slack for ATC & ATC Training. Those in the VA with experience in IFATC will hopefully offer some advice and guidance to those wishing to work towards qualification, and those with an interest in learning more from a pilot perspective can also get involved. Ideally we will run some events on TS where everyone can get involved, which could be a good laugh at the same time. I’m open to opinions and ideas on this one, and a poll will be posted in our Slack shortly to gauge interest.

That’s it for now!

Thanks for all your efforts and support in making Aer Lingus VA what it is.

Aer Lingus VA CEO


Sitio, will come back to read everything !!

Hey, you posted the exact same thing in 2 other threads. Please chill out.

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Just wanna read everything, this its true you know 😂 like this i will not forget :)

Yesterday saw us fly leg 11 of 52 for the EIVA (Aer Lingus VA) event the WILD ROVER ☘️ We took off from MMPR and headed east to MMUN.

Do you want to be apart of the next leg of the wild rover.
Pilots position are always available, click the link to apply:

Here are some pictures of my departure.

Thank you
@Gary_Crinnion (EIVA COO)


Amazing VA with an amazing group of pilots and especially staff who work hard everyday to ensure that our time at EIVA is always a good time, everyone’s always up for some fun in the chat. Really happy I joined this VA and would recommend it to anyone interested in joining a VA 😉


I just applied for Aer Lingus VA. Wish me luck!


Thank you for applying @Rian16, give our CEO a day or 2 to get to your application. Looking forward to seen you at EIVA soon ☘️

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