Aer Lingus To Receive New Livery In 2019

Aer Lingus are going to get a new livery in 2019! Do you think that is good? After all in my opinion that is brilliant!

Do You Like Their Old Livery?

  • Yes
  • No

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Now that’s a nice livery!

Don’t just put the link there. Add some info to your post.

  • Summarize the article
  • What is your opinion on it?
  • Etc

We can all go online and find that link and just read the article.


For myself I like the old livery , but the livery that will come is also good

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I don’t see a difrence. Which one is the new livery?

Honestly, I think a new livery would be a welcome change

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There isn’t a picture yet

Guys, the new livery hasn’t been publicized yet. It’ll be revealed in 2019 as the article states.

The image of the A321neo is a digital graphic of the current livery.


Yeah. Their still looking for the new livery

So most of u say yes to their old livery. Why?

Although i like the current one it looks dated and tired now, shall look forward to the reveal!


yeah i agree. it is not bad but it looks retro to me

Looking forward for a new livery.
the old livery looks old.

Hdyk it not been released yet

yeH i agree

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