Aer lingus to iceland

This time a shorter flight, from Dublin to Reykjavik in the Boeing 757-200. The flight took around 2 hours long, the cruise speed was mach 0.80 and cruise altitude was fl380. We landed at Keflavik airport with crosswind of 27kts.

Information about this flight;

• Server: expert server
• Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
• Livery: Aer Lingus
• Route: EIDW to BIKF
• Altitude: fl380
• Speed: mach 0.80
• Flight time: 1 hour and 49 minutes


Departure out of Dublin.




Approaching Keflavik airport.



Tomorrow I’ll post a topic about a military flight from KDOV to ETAR in the Lockheed C130-30 of the us airforce.


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These a really great pictures man! Aer Lingus is my favorite airline as well as it being the main airline in Ireland! Really great to see people flying the Aerlingus livery:)

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Thanks man appreciate it!

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The 2nd one is my favorite 🤩

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