Aer Lingus targets up to 10 more U.S. destinations from Dublin with their new A321's

Considering the range of the A321, I’m assuming that they’d be in the northeast/Mid Atlantic. What are your thoughts? My predictions:

ISP - Possible
MHT - Possible
SWF - Possible
BUF - More possible
PVD - More possible
PIT - Possible
CVG - More possible
CLT - Possible
IND - Possible
BWI - Possible


Really interesting routes
Very different routes from any airline

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The a321 neos Aer lingus will replace the 757 and the 330 main transatlantic routes JFK Chicago Boston And Philadelphia which is commenceing next summer and probably Miami don’t know if the neo has the range to get to San Fran

They’re not confirmed routes, just my thoughts.

The article states that it will be 10 new routes/destinations from Dublin.

Wait! Aer Lingus is coming to PHL!!😍

Aer Lingus to ISP? Wow!

That newspaper is not reliable in Ireland Im from there

Yeah there going there 28th of march

The A321 NEO definitely does NOT have the range to San Fran


Yes I think the have ordered A350 for longer destinations

If they did start that, I definitely think they could be successful. With connections to the rest of Europe as well, I think they could definitely be successful with 4x weekly, maybe even 5x weekly in the summertime, and 3x weekly the rest of the year.

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It would be cool if they also added a ISP-Cork seasonal getaway…


It can be reliable at times. You would see a few twists on things or exaggerations but not to extreme.

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I would love for Aer Lingus to operate to KISP!! I think DUB and SNN would do very well

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The routes you chose I can see for the most part are heavily influenced by Norwegian’s routes. I doubt Aer Lingus would fly to ISP or SWF if they already fly wide-bodies at least daily into JFK and EWR.

ISP is totally different from the city. Most of the Cities Irish tourism comes from inside the city…

Bringing service to ISP would just open up opportunities (I also think Norwegian is waiting to pounce on this airport!)

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By 2020 one of those airlines will definitely be here.

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I think Cork or Shannon to DFW would be a possibility as the 321LR can fly the range. I know WOW Air was going to send the 321LR here but decided to send the 330 as they won’t receive them till 2019

Shannon and Dublin are only getting them :)

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