Aer Lingus Regional ATR72-600

Bumping it up again. With a lot of hype about this aircraft on the IFC, I think that this wee aircraft would be hugely enjoyed by many should it get this livery on it.


Bumping this again. Looking foward to flying some of the historic Waterford routes and EIs regional ATR database with this livery whenever the ATR is reworked 😍☘

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The picture in the original post has been updated to a newer and better one :)

With this now being considered as "historic’ with the collapse of Stobart Air late last night I’m going to give this topic a wee bump. Aer lingus VA will benefit from this so much with it being instated on our regional routes for Second Officers to enjoy ✈☘


Bump this up as the ATR will operate with the Aer Lingus new livery.

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