Aer Lingus Plans Manchester to Boston, New York, & Orlando Flights

Aer Lingus is planning long-haul routes out of the United Kingdom

In the past month or so, there have been several reports on Aer Lingus planning long-haul flights out of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

According to Airport Coordination Limited, the company responsible for allocating certain airports’ slots, Aer Lingus was granted 1,503 Manchester slots for Summer 2021.

Just today it’s now confirmed Aer Lingus is planning to launch flights between Manchester and the United States by creating a new subsidiary, Aer Lingus (U.K.) Limited.

The Three New Long-Haul Routes:

In Aer Lingus’ application to allow Aer Lingus U.K. serve the U.S. market from the United Kingdom, they specifically stated plans to launch three long-haul routes out of Manchester in the first year of operations:

Manchester to Boston (BOS):

  • Aer Lingus U.K. plans to begin daily flights from Manchester to Boston for the summer season.
  • This route has zero direct competition after Delta axed plans for its on BOS-MAN route.

Manchester to New York (JFK):

  • Aer Lingus U.K. intends to launch a daily service between Manchester and New York JFK. This appears to be year-round service since a season isn’t specified in the application.
  • Virgin Atlantic is the only other carrier on this route.

Manchester to Orlando (MCO):

  • Lastly, Aer Lingus U.K. plans to launch year-round service from Manchester to Orlando.
  • This flight is planned to operate daily in the summer and 4x weekly in the winter.
  • Virgin Atlantic is the only other competitor.

The Aer Lingus U.K. Fleet:

Aer Lingus will base four aircraft in Manchester with United Kingdom registrations:

  • 1x Airbus A330-302 currently registered EI-EDY will be switched to a U.K. registration.
  • 1x Airbus A330-302 currently registered EI-ELA will be switched to a U.K. registration.
  • 2x Airbus A321LRs that will be delivered in February/March 2021 will receive U.K. registrations.

The exact aircraft for each long-haul route is unclear, but Orlando will likely see the Airbus A330-300, JFK will likely see the A321LR and A330-300, and Boston the A321LR.

Source/Image Credits

Aer Lingus’ Application:

Image Credits: EI-GEY | Airbus A330-202 | Aer Lingus | Dave Henderson | JetPhotos

It’s definitely interesting to see Aer Lingus shift some aircraft away from Ireland and into a relatively unserved U.K. market. If Aer Lingus U.K.‘s application is approved and these routes perform well, it’s possible we could see more routes out of Manchester. What do you guys think of Aer Lingus’ United Kingdom plan?


So they can shut down popular routes from major Irish cities like Cork, but start long haul routes from a completely different company? Hmm…

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So this is basically Aer Lingus vs Virgin Atlantic?


It’s due to the tough Irish travel restrictions compared to the UKs more relaxed restrictions. I think it’s a good move for the airline. Especially since they’re having some financial trouble recently. It will also put some more pressure on the Irish government to give them some funding seeing the flag carrier move away from their home country.


Pretty much. The International Airlines Group uses Aer Lingus to fend off Virgin Atlantic in Manchester while British Airways does the main stuff in Heathrow.


Aer Lingus UK - could be interesting to see where this goes…

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This is going to be fun. British reg Aer Lingus plane. JFK/MCO is going to be profitable but BOS im not sure on.

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Manchester is one of Boston´s unserved international routes. Delta was supposed to launch it this summer, but due to obvious reasons, it didn’t start. It will be interesting to see whether or not Delta launches Manchester in summer ´21 to counterattack this move.

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At the moment, Delta’s isn’t going to operate BOS-MAN for summer 2021. It’s possible they could launch it in the following years though.

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