Aer Lingus New livery and Rebranding 2019


I am all the way on the other side of the world in Australia… We never see any of Aer Lingus’ planes, but I’d be interested in seeing the NEW livery! Can’t wait! Greetings from Sydney, Australia!

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work has started on the retro 👋🏻😢


Rumour has is they are going for a euro white body and green tail. If that’s true, then shame on IAG for killing one of the most recognisable livery’s in the world.


Yeah it looks herrrendous


Update Here’s a leak that ASL accidentally released on a safety card that was posted this afternoon the reveal is tomorrow. Aer Lingus have decided that EI-DVM Retro livery will not be shown off in the new livery after a petition was approved by Aer Lingus that they won’t get rid of it. I personally think the design is very like the Lufthansa one just in different colours.



Their current livery looks way better than that generic one. I wonder why they felt the need to rebrand their livery which I personally love because there was nothing like it now.


Yeah nothing really screams Ireland on it like the one now as they say don’t change something if it doesn’t need changeing.


I feel that they just needed to modernise the old livery a tad. They didn’t need to get rid of all of the green, just modernise it.

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I thought they don’t fly the 757 anymore?


Sorry if i missed it but can somebody show me the difference between new and old? Thanks


Yeah they are still in service but eventually they will be replaced by the A321LR. Old is at the top of the thread new one has not been released yet @callum5124

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Looks like Qantas tbh. I’m not really a fan of this one.


Good news! Also Aerlingus thinks on planning to invest on a new aircraft, the A350. Not today, but some time. That is also ahead of the New Aircraft and livery rebranding. Not to forget Dublin Airport in growing very well; The new ‘North’ runway is beginning its construction, the new bigger and modern control tower is almost done, New routes from different airlines, Terminal 3 planning, more Lounges including Spa and Showers and so on…

I hope good luck for the future of Ireland.☘️ ;)


Yes it does! Look’s like the newest livery for QF… Just different colours…

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I question, why are sooo many airlines in the world going for a white fuselage and a coloured tail? Why??? 🤔


Cost is a factor most likely


Ok? So we just guess?


First glimpse only 30 minutes until Aer Lingus go live for there reveal can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube the reasoning for this livery with loads of white it will be easier for them to transition aircraft from leasing company if they need to be changed for mechanical reasons.


Lufthansa #2 is Confirmed

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