Aer Lingus MD-11

I think this livery suits the MD-11 and if we were to get it, I think this livery deserves to be on there.
What do you guys think?


I love it!

Yes please!

Looks like a clover. I like it :)

Intresting but some people may say it’s unrealistic! Best to save the livery for the A350! Good job though!

I disagree with you on this one. It’s a deserving livery on it and why can’t we have the livery on both planes if they eventually come

No reason! But what are the chances of Aer Lingus getting another MD-11(yes they had N727WA)? There already in the wish list for A350’s which is more advanced due to its fully electronic flight deck! It’s kinda like switching from an IPhone 6 to a Motorolla! I don’t think anyone would be too impressed if they got that under the tree at Christmas! But like I said there are no rules! I’d be happy if they brought out The MD-11 or the 757 with the Aer Lingus Livery!